The worlds blackest woman on earth.


For a long time, colored humans were taken into consideration inferior to their white counterparts, however that discrimination is being swept away thanks to the increased civilization all over the globe. Nowadays, colored network no longer most effective receives same possibilities as others, however their particular beauty is likewise embraced with increasingly more black fashions on global hi-fashion runways. Contrary to the vintage-elderly perception in a fair complexion as the standard of beauty, the magical allure from the blackest individual within the international you spot under will honestly change your mindset.

The Blackest Man In The World 3

Nyakim is truly proud of her dark skin.

Nyakim is living in MinnesotaUSA and working as a professional model. She owns a deeply pigmented skin and determining eyes. This 27-year-old girl is never shy away from flaunting her skin in public, while she also encourages people to be proud of their body features.

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Her story has inspired many young people in her home country.

Though she is not entitled the blackest person in the world by Guinness, Nyakim is dubbed Queen of Darkness by many of her fans.

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See how the Queen of Darkness slays in this luxury jewelry set!Nyakim also shares on her social handle her life philosophy:


“Black is bold, black is beautiful, black is gold. Don’t let American standards damage your African soul.”

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To Nyakim, smiling is always the best outfit that never goes out of time.

Nyakim’s quote has received huge support from people worldwide. Gone are the days when white skin is promoted as the standard of beauty for all human races. In fact, many cosmetics brands have now removed the word ‘whitening’ from their products to advocate colored complexion.

The Blackest Man In The World 7

This black model has greatly contributed to rewriting the definition of beauty for women on Earth.


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