A Young lady took it to Twitter to teach girls how to dress like proper ladies.


According to Andiswa, young girls should dress like youth and show that they are proud of their bodies. Andiswa advised many young girls to enjoy their youth while they are still looking fresh because the time will come whereby they will look old and have wrangled skin. (ads1)

Many people agree with Andiswa's statement and they encourage ladies to start dressing in short dresses to look nice. Most people who agreed with this statement were men. They say a lady must look attractive in the eyes of men.

However, some ladies feel motivated by Andiswa and they are looking forward to dressing like her. Even though some ladies complained about their bodies, they claim that such dresses need people with Andiswa's body. (ads2)

Some of the advice they shared, is for one to dress in a way she will feel comfortable and look beautiful, not copying someone's style because it might not suit you.

Check their tweets

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