Makhadzi pushes a dancer off stage


South African musician Makhadzi explained that pushing her dancer off stage, as seen in a viral video, was not what she intended to do.

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Makhadzi and her dancers | Picture: Twitter

People were left mortified after seeing Makhadzi push one of her dancers off stage in the middle of a performance earlier this week, however, the singer has said that she believes she had a good reason to do so.

Speaking during a live stream on Facebook in reaction to the uproar caused by her actions, the singer explained that she wanted to move her dancer out of the way to prevent her from wetting the stage which would cut their performance short.

“We were performing my Yellowbone song, so you know there is a part where we say ‘cheers to life, champopo’, so we must bring the party, you must see that we are vibing because the song is vibing as well.” 


Keeping the stage ‘dry’

Makhadzi said that the song was listed second on her setlist of songs to perform so she could not allow the stage to get wet because they would not have been able to finish the performance.

“I saw that she wanted to pour water on the stage and unfortunately, if she can pour water on stage, we won’t continue performing because the stage would have become slippery.”

She further claimed that her mind was focused on both the crowd and the dancer so she was not aware that she would have fallen off the stage. 


The controversy comes just as Makhadzi celebrated the milestone of gaining 6 million followers on Facebook and launching her own cosmetics range. 

“Mavoda body lotion is now a big brand that will be available in different big brands stores. I mean my own lotion, owned by one and only queen of Venda and Africa,” she announced on social media.

With this upcoming venture, she joins the likes of Connie Ferguson, who launched the Connie Body Care brand, and Minnie Dlamini, who owns a self-titled range of body lotions.

In another post shared on Valentine’s Day, Makhadzi declared “ever since I started using Mavoda Body Lotion my skin is glowing.”

The products come in various white containers with labels reminiscent of the striped material used in traditional Venda attire. Mavoda lotion contains ingredients such as mango extract, vitamin E and sweet almond oil.

She chose those ingredients with the aim of ensuring long-lasting hydration for her customer base. 

Makhadzi has plans of expanding her Mavoda product offering in future to include other beauty products. 


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