Lilzy Chuk Grown Up EP

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About Lilzy Chuk Grown Up EP of 9 Tracks
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Trap

Lilzy Chuk Grown Up
Lilzy Chuk Hanged With
Lilzy Chuk Going Down
Lilzy Chuk Boomerang
Lilzy Chuk Pull Up ft Breezy August
Lilzy Chuk Chains
Lilzy Chuk Biologies ft Prisy
Lilzy Chuk Raven
Lilzy Chuk Friday Ft Smash TT
Sound Editorial, Mastering and Mixing Services: Kobo Derrick Phillemon
Assistant Recording and Mastering: Maloba Tshepiso
Composed, Written and Performed by Kobo Derrick Phillemon as Lilzy Chuk
Featuring Breezy August, Smash TT and Prisy,
All Instrumental Beats Provided by Lilzy Chuk Beats
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Record Label website:

Produced by Notable Voice records
Composed, Written and Perfomed by Kobo Derrick Phillemon as Lilzy Chuk
Artist website:
also active on YouTube, Spotify iTunes, Deezer, TikTok and others...
Record Label website:

This Project was completed with assistance from the Notable Voice Records, August Music Group and TynDec (
Copyrights 2021 Notable Voice Records, South Africa
All Rights Reserve
This Project is Protected under the Law of the United States, South Africa and other Countries. It is Published and Distributed Worldwide and it is Copyright Protected. Distributed by . Unauthorized Duplication, Distribution or Exhibition may result of Civil Liability and Criminal Prosecution.
However, Making Song Covers, Using this Music on your Videos as the Background, or reusing the Beats to make your own Music without Removing Lilzy Chuk Beats Voice Tag is Allowed.


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